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Greetings from St. Mary’s School!

The formative years at School are the most important years in one’s life and more significant is the realization of this importance by the students. These are the years when the foundation is laid for the challenges of tomorrow, habits are formed, character is developed and personality is carved. No doubt being a CBSE School, we are guided by the learner profile which helps us focus on the attributes that we intend to develop and practice by all associated with this school.


Our focus lies in our students achieving academic excellence along with essence of developing a strong value system that will set them apart from the crowd, a value system that will make them leaders of tomorrow, a value system that will help them make a difference to their immediate society and thus to the world.

The major aim and challenge of education, we believe, is for the students to realize their potentials and develop them to their fullest. We celebrate the fact that each child is unique, possess a unique quality and thus can contribute in his / her own way to the society. It is therefore required that we adopt and continuously so, innovative methodologies in education so as to rise to the challenges thrown by each such unique child. This requires immense passion to teach and learn - a requisite for all the teachers at St. Mary’s School.

I believe that we need to very emphatically nurture a desire for inquiry in our students so much that they have a leadership in exploring knowledge and then the knowledge thus gained would become their very own personal knowledge so much so that it remains with them and guides them throughout their lives.

Fostering creative and critical thinking is essential for developing research oriented independent minds displaying their uniqueness to the world.

Presenting such an environment to our students will be our contribution at St. Mary’s School.

I hope you will get a helpful and informative impression of St. Mary’s School from this website. I look forward to meeting you and your sons and daughters.

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